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What Do They Mean…Do The Next Right Thing? - Some people just naturally know what their NRT is. Do you?
Shipwrecked - A genuine voice
My Rebel Thoughts Refuse Captivity - ‘taking thoughts captive’ was my goal but achieving it eluded me ...
Mocking Bird-Brain - Knowing my brain acts like a Mockingbird, I have cut down on what I pay attention to.
Get Into The Cartoon! - ... a typical Saturday with Loony Toons, the two of us in our footie pajamas eating breakfast as we sat so close we were in the action.
This is a test. This is only a test…right? - If this had been an actual emergency...
Double Overtime - It IS whether you win or lose!
Cupcakes and Sweet Security - A month into Al-Anon I find that I am losing my job.
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain - My life would make a better movie than it does a life.
STOP…GO…STOP! - So what do we do if we can't trust our thinking?



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